Barbara Kletecka

Barbara Kletecka

I have been producing art for as long as I can remember, and after learning all the building blocks of art and getting a few bachelor’s degrees, I can let my imagination go wild.

I paint primarily in oils although I do have some acrylics. I also have started using water color, pen and ink and lately glitter. Most everything is abstract, and most paintings and drawings can be hung in any direction. I turn the paintings over and over while painting to ‘see’ if it ‘works’.  I don’t know how to explain that and as a result everyone sees something different. I like to think my art work starts a dialogue, invokes a memory or prompts an emotion. My inspiration comes from many places and collects (in my inner storage) until I am ready to use it. I have discovered that if try to paint something specific, it never works, so I just paint and see what happens.

I hope you enjoy my art work and that it will encourage your imagination to take flight, as has mine.