IN PERIL: ENDANGERED SPECIES - Keller Public Arts Exhibit

IN PERIL: ENDANGERED SPECIES - Keller Public Arts Exhibit

This important exhibition will shed light on some of our world's most vulnerable, threatened and endangered species.  From flora to fauna, Sculptor, Stormie Parker, and GAP members; Bruce Rosenstiel, photographer and Charice Cooper, painter,  artistically interpret their subjects through their craft. 

Charice Cooper

Bruce Rosenstiel

Stormie Parker   

The artist reception will be held at Keller Town Hall, Thursday, July 11th from 6pm-9pm.  Guest speaker Kim Taylor of The Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT, a global botanical research institute and learning center), and a short film by documentary film maker, Michael Adair-Kriz will enlighten us while animal conservationists from Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and In Sync Exotic Wildlife and Rescue Center, educate the guests by answering questions about the animals they protect and care for.  Come and partake in this experience while you enjoy art, music, hors d'oeuvres, refreshments and engaging conversation.  There is also a closing reception on August 15 from 7-9pm.  Attendance at both receptions is free to the public.