Monthly Meetings


All meetings will be held in the REC in Grapevine, 1175 Municipal Way UNLESS noted in red.  There are a few months when we are not having meetings.  

We have an Art Chat session at 5:30 for our members who want to bring a piece  or two of their works for discussion.  At 6:30, our members gather for refreshments and social time and the meetings start at 7:00 pm.  Our meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend.

January 10 - Gap is having a reception at the Keller Town Hall from 7:00 - 9:00 pm where 23 of our fine artists are exhibiting.  The Exhibit runs from  January 7 through February  20, 2019.  Please join us.

February 14 - Our program will be given by one of GAP's members, Amy Tigner.  The title of the presentation is "Painting with Alcohol Ink" and she will primarily be doing a demonstration painting a landscape and talking about the techniques of using alcohol ink as a paint medium.

March 14 - Our program will be given by one of GAP's members, Ed Peet and he will be discussing and demonstrating     the fine art of painting coins and medallions.

April 11 - Our program will be given by Eric Horn.

May 9 - Our program will be on Self Critique and will be presented by Marie Maine.

June 13- Our program will be given by GAP member Cheryl Johnson.  She will be doing a demonstration on some of her favorite techniques and share some of her less favorite faux pas.  She will also be doing a brief PPT presentation, "How to make silver clay and dichroic glass play together".

July - No Meeting

August -  Break Out Sessions- More information to come.

September - No Meeting  Some of our members will be participating in Grapefest, Sept. 12-15.

October - Our program will be presented by one of GAP's members Beverly Richmond and she will be demonstrating working with oils.

November - Our program will be presented by Naomi Fron.  She will be demonstrating Glass Fusing in a microwave          kiln and Sculptured Wire Wrapping

December - No Meeting