Cheryl Rodo

Cheryl was born in Saskatchewan Canada and immigrated to Colleyville Texas in 2009. She received her bachelor of science degree at the University of Toronto majoring in Criminology and obtained her MBA at California Coast University. She has been married to Larry Rodo for 39 years and together they have 4 sons and 2 grandchildren.

Cheryl has painted for over 40 years, primarily in oils but has recently delved into alcohol inks and resin arts.  Cheryl was selected as one of 75 Texas artists to be featured in an upcoming coffee table book due out in January called. “Texas Art Connection”.

Her work is realistic in nature however with the success of her resin guitars it is trending more to the colorful and playful side.

In her corporate life, Cheryl worked many years in telecommunications and then transitioned in humanitarian relief work.  She is an avid animal lover and recently published a Christian Fiction novel called Blind Trust:  winner/sinner of which she painted the cover art.