Benefits of Being a GAP Member

● Network with other artists.

● Attend monthly meetings and enjoy demonstrations and/or presentations by other artists.

● Expand your knowledge and skill set by participating in volunteer activities.

● Provides the artist with a web presence.

The Application Process                                                         

● A candidate completes the online application, and provides samples of their art on website, Facebook, or Instagram.

● Application is reviewed by the membership committee.

● The committee will review the application and may request more information.

● Qualified applicants will be notified and provided a link to finalize their membership. 

Membership Types

Grapevine Art Project offers 5 different membership options.  

Below are the different types and the annual dues.




An individual who is seeking to strengthen their skills in either their current discipine or a new one. 



Aged 65 or older, an individual seeking to improve their skills while sharing lessons learned along the journey of being a Texas Artist.



An artist and spouse seeking membership in the Grapevine Art Project.



An individual 15 - 17 years of age seeking to join an artist organization. A Student must have a sponsor within GAP and/or parent to accompany the student to meetings.



Supportive individuals and/or corporations in our community who wish to ensure the growth and nurturing of art in Grapevine and all North Texas.

Click here to fill out a Gap application.


                                                               Thank you for your interest!