Edward Maldonado

Edward Maldonado

I have been told from an early age I had talent and was encouraged to get better. After the third grade I pursued to get better in drawing and so I did with the help of an art teacher.

She introduced me to the world of art and followed my progress until the eight grade. In grammar school I assembled a portfolio and enrolled to Arts High School in Newark NJ. I was an art major graduate from Arts High in Newark NJ.
After high school I worked at a silk-screen shop for couple of years, I learned the trade inside and out. The salary part of my art career was very discouraging, so I pursued going back to college with another career in mind. Leaving the professional trade did not mean I stopped painting, I maintained an art lifestyle ever since. My joy of painting comes from my dedication of pursuing a better masterpiece and seeing people smile after they view my artwork. I love it better when they appreciate my stuff.
I learned to accept criticism as part of the learning process. Ever since I began drawing, I have been told I was a technical artist, so the details of the object are the focus of my paintings; textures, bright colors and reflections. The details motivate me to paint the subject and whenever I get the creative desire to paint, I just go ahead and do it. I work with acrylics and I honed the skill to maintain my mixed colors wet for long term in containers. This works well for when I want to touch up a piece of finished artwork in the future. Currently I have been painting water scenes, landscapes and still-life; all in a representational style. Throughout the years I managed to do a couple of pieces of artwork while working full-time on my other career. In most cases I try not to never paint the same scene twice nor cliché scenes so that my portfolio can be diverse in subjects, I try to pick unique scenes.

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