Stefan Huyghe

Originally from Belgium, Stefan moved to the United States in 1993. He has been living in Keller TX since 2010. His photo-realistic oil paintings have won awards around the metroplex.

“I started painting shortly after my grandpa passed away in 1987. The smell of oil paint takes me back to my early childhood, to the house of my grandparents, where he painted traditional Flemish landscapes. Although our style and subject choices are so very different, I very much regret that I was never able to share my work with him .”

Stefan moved to Switzerland in his teens and counts himself extremely lucky to be given the keys to the art class by his art teacher Gene White. She was as he puts it, “Unique! She pushed me in just the right way without too much instruction. She really unlocked the hidden desire in me to become an artist. Her encouragements helped me to work harder at honing my brush skills and fulfilling my creative potential.”

Ms. White gave him the courage to explore photo-realism. His portfolio widened to more challenging pieces, including life-like portraits and industrial still-lives. In the most recent years, he has added a series of chromed engines. He feels people seem to really like the complexity and intricate detail of the curbed metal in these.