Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl’s Artist Journey is a 40 year evolution over multiple media starting with pottery and painting progressing to stained glass and focusing for the last ten years on wearable, affordable, unique dichroic fused glass and fine silver jewelry.

By traveling I experienced a large number of cultures and styles as well as acquiring the skills to produce products over a number of new skills, tools and processes. In my new product portfolio I now work in Fine and Sterling Silver, copper and gold, as well as Dichroic Fused Glass – a material that can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans in 300 – 200 BC. Additional skills were learned in Marketing, Sales, Financial Management Tracking, Purchasing and Booth Presentation as we commercialized our business. 

As an Artist, each day is an exciting opportunity for growth. The fun of an Artistic Journey is a response “to a calling” that energizes us all to a Life of continuous change and growth. My Journey continues to stretch far into the future limited on by imagination and desire. 

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!