Diane Allison
Glass Artist

One of my favorite school age memories is the snowy day we stayed inside the classroom for recess where I was free to spend the hour reproducing on paper the subtle colors of the sunlight on the new snow.

 I have remained fascinated with the way changes in light affect color, especially while running on the beach at sunrise and sunset. Some of my earlier paintings reflect those subtleties. I started working with glass in 2016. In 2019 I took a group of classes in a variety of glass working techniques and fell in love with coldworking and multimedia. An opportunity to study further with Kent Lauer enabled me to focus more on larger and more diverse projects exploring captivating combinations of glass, light, and color.

Cold working is technically defined as changing the shape or surface texture of glass. This is done through a series of tools and techniques and is very fun challenge. Grinding and polishing with tight tolerances is balanced with artistry. As I work on a piece I keep thinking about what it could turn into, a creative challenge throughout the process. I prefer to let the glass itself dictate the final piece. The colors and surface changes take my attention away from time. The result is a set of refractive indexes that cast and reflect colors at the same time, continually changing the viewer’s experience. Success to me occurs when the glass piece captivates the viewer’s imagination and encourages him to rediscover something new each time he looks into it. Glass is an amazing material to work with and my goal is to give the viewer that same amazing experience.