Jackie Loria

Before becoming a jeweler, Jackie was a sailor, an avid scuba diver - diving some of the most remote locations around the world - and a motorcycle rider owning 3 different Harley-Davidson motorcycles and serving as a Road Captain leading rides in a local H-D club.

After retiring, Jackie decided to try making her own jewelry.  She has always had a love for natural stones of all types and shapes, wearing natural stone jewelry made by others.  She began taking all types of jewelry making classes, with a 2 year course in silversmithing, and classes teaching the techniques of lost wax casting, sand casting, stamp making, metal folding, lapidary, metal etching, etc.  Combing what she has learned in her  many classes, Jackie uses sterling silver sheet and wire to make bezels, backplates and bales, casts silver pieces from wax molds, cutting and hammering silver sheet into earrings and pendants and other unique one of a kind designs. She has many different styles and loves all types of natural gemstones and manmade materials.